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Enabling growers to be world-leading.

The only constant is change.

Modern orchard systems are changing. Intensification, narrow canopies and partial mechanisation are all improving efficiency and yields. At the heart of this change is Genesis Nurseries®. By providing access to market-leading and exclusive plant varieties, and high-quality IP, we bring together the best scion wood with the best rootstocks to enable our growers to be world leading, and help facilitate a bright future for Aotearoa’s horticulture industry.

Honouring tradition, embracing innovation.

With a combined 45 years of nursery management across our traditional open-field nurseries in Hawke’s Bay and Cambridge, we bring decades of experience in the delivery of high-quality, consistently performing trees. But like the industry we support, we’re committed to exploring modern growing practices and trialling new nursery techniques to mitigate current and future challenges, and meet the needs of growers and consumers alike.

Stronger together.

To lead the way and secure the future of our horticulture and pip fruit sectors, we recognise collaboration is needed. That’s why we foster relationships with Global Plant Variety Administration Ltd and New Zealand Fruit Tree Company Ltd, which give us access to respected stables of IP such as Prevar, AIGN, Cornell, GPVA and Summerlands. We’re a Plant Producers industry body member and utilise horticultural science expertise from Lincoln University. Plus, we work collaboratively with IP owners and corporates to understand their needs, ensure we’re meeting them, and help them exploit new market opportunities.

Committed to improvement.

Internally too, we’re looking ahead, building a high-performing team from the ground up with the knowledge and skills to take us on this exciting journey alongside our world-leading growers.

In our collective hands, Aotearoa’s horticultural future is looking strong.

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